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Providing White Glove Customer Service

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Risalto Health needed a way to build scripted workflows that guided their team of care concierges through complex medical conversations with the customer.


With Slab, Risalto Health created programmatic modules that streamlined the way their team interacted with customers on a day-to-day basis.

Key Points

  • Ensure every interaction leads patients to the best possible solution
  • Store knowledge in an organized location, so it's easy to understand
  • Define and modularize workflows for a more consistent customer experience

Risalto Health's platform uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to help patients and employers find the right musculoskeletal health providers, from surgeons to physical therapists—like a digital health concierge.

Allison Schoeneck, Head of Clinical Product at Risalto Health, knew that the company's ability to always recommend the right doctor, therapist, chiropractor, or surgeon depended on their ability to make sense of a mountain of data.

“We analyze billions of muscular-skeletal specific claims data and look for the best providers who exist in any given network,” says Schoeneck.

With Slab, Risalto Health can create self-contained instructional modules for each different provider or network in their system, so no matter what a patient needs—from sleep counseling to physical therapy—Risalto Health's concierge care team has a way to easily provide a tailored solution.

Templatizing this information into scripts, patient handouts, and guides also helps Risalto Health ensure a seamless customer experience across the board.

It can be disheartening for customers to try and find a provider who not only has the requisite knowledge of their specific health issues but is also local and accepts the right health plan. By analyzing this data and documenting it in Slab, Schoeneck can ensure that every member of the Risalto Health team is on the same page and that they can guide customers to the best possible solution.

It's this modularized, programmatic information that gives Risalto Health an advantage when speaking directly to customers.

“We wanted our program to flow in a particular way that would quickly link from one workflow to the next. We also knew that if you're on the phone with someone and you need to quickly find our script for say, alternative medicine with a massage therapist, you would be able to find it quickly.”

Picture of Allison SchoeneckAllison SchoeneckHead of Clinical Product

Documenting these workflows in Slab ensures that members of the team, regardless of their experience with the musculoskeletal healthcare market.

“We needed something that was user-friendly and didn't require a ton of training,” says Schoeneck. “Something that we could organize in the way that we wanted and present the flow as the concierges would be going through it—but was still modular enough that we could edit any one of the pieces individually.”

This made it easy to keep their information up-to-date at all times and keep pace with a consistently changing market.

By organizing their wealth of provider and network data in Slab, Risalto Health makes it easier to increase the knowledge of their team, provide structured answers to complex questions, and create a better overall patient experience.

Use scripts for a better patient experience

Documentation in Slab helps ensure that every interaction leads the customer closer to the best possible solution for their musculoskeletal issue. Easy access to scripts and programmatic information helps Risalto Health streamline their ability to navigate a complex and evolving market.

A single store of programmatic information also gave Schoeneck and her team the ability to update scripts on the fly, keeping the experience as seamless and painless as possible.

“Our care concierges are really offering a white glove level of service. They are triaging the patient to the appropriate setting of care and getting them connected with whatever specialist is most appropriate.”

Every member of the team can feel empowered to speak authoritatively on different providers, networks, patient-care ideas, etc., by referencing the information in Slab directly.

Make sure data is visible and easy to understand

Slab helps Risalto store knowledge in a single platform that is organized, visible to the whole team, and easy to understand. This informs their ability to provide the best possible patient experience and helps connect their users with the right people faster.

“It is a good store of all of our programmatic information,” adds Schoeneck. “You can see the kind of module it is and how we're administering it as well as patient handouts and other guides that we offer. That really helps us organize the workflow as well as the scripting of our program.”

Being able to access this information quickly gives the concierge care team a way to simplify the process of routing patients to the correct information.

This informs Risalto Health's ability to provide a streamlined customer experience while increasing the overall knowledge base of their team.

Create a simple structure for team workflows

Documenting workflows, internal processes, and other programmatic elements in Slab gives Risalto Health the ability to define an overall structure for their information.

A simplified organizational structure is required to provide the kind of white glove service they need to remain competitive in the market, and it makes it easier to scale their team.

“As our care concierges get more practice, they won't need to look at certain scripts anymore, but we know it's always there if they need it. When you need to make changes, which we're having to do quite a bit as we're kind of evolving the program, we can easily outline new steps,” says Schoeneck.

New team members can easily be trained and onboarded into the system. An organized workflow provides the kind of foundation needed to support Risalto Health's company growth.

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