Role Proposal Example

A role proposal for Head of Revenue Operations.

Role Proposal Example

Job Description

  1. Public facing job description (link) — what we post on job sites
  2. Internal facing role scorecard (link) — how we actually measure what we want this person to accomplish in the first 6-12 months and what attributes they should possess to accomplish this

Job Title

Head of Revenue Operations


Essentially a Director level hire in my opinion. Should report to me. Will eventually have multiple direct reports although a 2nd level of direct reports would still be a little while out.

Salary range

$150K – $220K

Main evaluation criteria

We’ll be using the Who framework for hiring this person and for that reason we’ve created a job role scorecard which will be the key criteria for evaluating this person. The scorecard (link) contains the mission, key outcomes and critical competencies we expect. Also, I’ve had a personal friend and partner at ghSmart (creators of Who) review the scorecard and we’ve gone through two rounds of revisions together. 

Role type


Problems this person will help us solve

Broken out in detail in the scorecard (link).

Metric to improve

Several that I would expect:

  1. SAL → Won conversion ratio
  2. ACV
  3. Leads per day per SDR
  4. Bookings per AE

Alternatives to hiring this person

  1. Execute fewer RevOps project per year/quarter (ex. The Clearbit Way, Warm Outbound, Lead attribution, Full funnel reporting, etc.)
  2. Leverage part-time consultants to support smaller more subdivide-able projects
  3. Hire more low-level ops people to mechanical turk our way through some of the ops debt that has been created

What happens if we wait too long to make this hire?

  1. Slower than expected growth on improvement in key metrics like bookings and retention rate
  2. RevOps debt continues to grow meaning when we do go to solve it, that it will take longer and be more expensive
  3. Some data will continue to be corrupted or not captured meaning even after we make the changes, we will still be missing key information for decision making.

Other notes (not on the form) that you think we should know

  1. This hiring process will stem from the Who process and will be different than some of the hiring processes we’ve run in the past. Brianna is on board and wants to help which is exciting.
  2. We’ve already begun a hiring process document (link) which walks through how the process will work and expectations around timing. 
  3. In addition, because this hiring will be different, it will require training and coaching of members of the team who have never worked like this. Because of that we’ve condensed large sections of the book into tools for the team to use while running their interviews. While not all are done you can see some in progress:
  4. Screening interview (link)
  5. Who interview (link)
  6. Focused interview (link)
  7. Reference interview (link)
  8. In each of those documents there are helpful hints and how-tos that will be reviewed and trained with the team prior to asking them to participate. We plan to handle the adoption issue of Who efforts in the past with education/training and practice — just as we handle it when training sales or CS teams. 
A role proposal for Head of Revenue Operations.