Pre-Trial Kickoff

A checklist for information gathering during pre-trial kickoff
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Vitally Pre-Trial Kickoff (5-10 mins)

We’re excited to kick off a trial with your team! To make sure we have the most pain-free trial and integration for you, can you AND whomever is leading the technical integration please review the information we have for you is correct and add any additional information as necessary?

I. Technical checklist

  1. These are the systems that we anticipate integrating into Vitally:
  2. Intercom
  3. Gmail
  4. Stripe
  5. Salesforce
  6. Mixpanel
  7. Segment
  8. Can you confirm that either you or the technical contact that is joining the trial kickoff has administrative access to each of these systems?
  9. Confirmed
  10. [FOR TECHNICAL CONTACT] Can you confirm if there is a shared external ID between each of these systems? If not, which systems do not have one?
  11. Confirmed
  12. What are the most important types of information that you must have available in Vitally (i.e. product event data, specific fields) for the trial?
  13. Subscription Data
  14. Onboarding Event Data / Scores
  15. Product Setup + Usage Data / Scores

II. Trial success criteria

  1. What are 2-3 of your key business goals that you’re hoping Vitally will help with?
  2. Acquiring customers and paying customers is #1
  3. Having a single source of truth/database for all customers and information 
  4. General better understanding of customer states at every stage → customer journey and activity tracking/reporting
  5. Monitoring customer health
  6. What are a few specific, tactical things you’ll want to set up in Vitally?
  7. Build customer health score
  8. Subscription analytics
  9. Capture and analyze feedback in a centralized place for cross team collaboration 
  10. Personalize customer engagement at scale
  11. NPS scores
  12. Interested in automating the onboarding process as soon as possible
  13. How are you measuring the success of the trial? Are there any specific KPIs or metrics we should all keep top of mind?
  14. The primary workflow that we will be focused on during the trial will be taking new signups through the onboarding process and tracking their account for the first month. This will help to build out a process within Vitally and test out a variety or features and tools. 
  15. We do not have a specific number of customers in order to consider the trial a success however if we are able to get all current clients in the system, and a more automated workflow in place for new signups we would be pleased.
  16. Subscription data will also be important to the success of the trial. We would like to have a more accurate live view within Vitally.
  17. Who else will be involved with the trial? How many people and what are their roles?
A checklist for information gathering during pre-trial kickoff
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