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Easily create, organize, and discover knowledge for your entire organization, from non-technical to tech-savvy.
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Create content that looks good by default.

Slab features the modern editing capabilities you’ve come to expect, all within an intuitive interface. Your content on Slab looks good by default, so you can focus on the writing, not fixing the formatting.
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Make it easy for teammates to browse and discover.

Folders and tags are not enough. Slab Topics both organize and provide relevant context to make it easy for your team to learn about company policies and procedures, and each others' ideas and insights.
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Not yet another place to search.

With Unified Search, we'll pull answers from your Slab content and all of your integrated tools, bringing you the most relevant results — all in one place.
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Integrate with your favorite tools.

Slab is a knowledge base, pure and simple. It's a best-in-class product that isn't trying to replace the rest of your stack. That's why it integrates with everything else, including your spreadsheets, slide decks, flowcharts, task managers, and much more.


We’ll take care of that for you