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We are on a mission to make the workplace a source of learning and purpose through knowledge-sharing.

As a fully remote company, we welcome talented people from all backgrounds all across the world.

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Product Hunt: No. 1 product of the week at launchG2: Top 100 Highest Satisfaction ProductsCapterra: 4.9 out of 5 stars

Work on a product that users love.

Slab helps teams all over the world work more productively and transparently. We’ve aligned our interests with our customers’ with a straightforward business model that prospers when they do.

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Benefits to support your impact.

HeartbeatFull health, dental & vision insurance (USA) or equivalent stipend (Global)
CurrencyWellness & remote work stipends
Desktop$5k desk setup of your choice
Chart increasing7-year option exercise window

Our values

Our values — both their upsides and downsides — make our team uniquely who we are.

Stay lean

We strive for the greatest possible impact with the fewest number of employees. We empower our teammates with the most leveraged tools and efficient processes.

  • You keep us nimble by minimizing complexity
  • You utilize existing solutions when possible to avoid unnecessary reinvention

Say no

We aim to deliver exceptionally high value in a small set of focus areas. We willingly abstain from good ideas to give only the most promising paths the attention they deserve.

  • You clearly identify what you are and are not trying to do
  • You think about removing features as much as adding them

Default to open

We encourage and nurture open exchanges of knowledge and ideas — while acting with respect and regard for each other.

  • You trust your teammates to do their best work
  • You are transparent, direct, and honest in your communication
  • You thrive on receiving and giving constructive feedback

The best prevails

Whether an idea or an individual, the best will rise to the top at Slab. Ideas we pursue can come from anywhere, and individuals gain responsibilities due to outperformance.

  • You are more interested in getting to the truth than being right
  • You recognize talent and potential in people of diverse backgrounds and cultures
  • You view new challenges as growth opportunities

Think rigorously

We act and execute after careful thought and examination of known information, while acknowledging the risks we accept in its absence.

  • You are not satisfied when something works — you want to understand why
  • You strive to keep learning, even as the expert in the room
  • You dig deep into challenges to uncover the underlying problems

Global optimization

We believe that our mission — to make the workplace a source of learning and purpose — is the ultimate priority, above any single project, team, or individual.

  • You internalize the company's mission and goals
  • You are willing to help outside your individual role when needed

Open Positions

All of our current roles are filled but please check back later!

About Slab

Slab was founded in 2016 with the belief that shared knowledge empowers teams to do their best work. In a remote world, that foundation is even more critical. Our product has become the source of truth for thousands of companies, including Asana, Fivetran, and Vox Media, supporting executives to engineers to operations to sales, and many more.

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