Team Meeting Agendas

Document your team's updates and decision-making

Team Meeting Agendas by Slab

A productive meeting can define your output as a team. It’s an opportunity to align on topics, engage the entire team, and create that powerful sense of collaboration. Yet, so many companies get it wrong. Nobody wants to be stuck in a 3-hour meeting that can be an email. Holding an extremely long one also runs the risk of eventually losing the attention of your colleagues. Avoid falling into this trap with a fail-proof formula that will keep your team focused, engaged, and inspired. Slab puts together some great example agendas that give you a guaranteed way to cover all your points in a reasonable time frame and clearly define who is in charge of what. These templates are designed to help you connect with and support your team. Use them as a guideline to set a meeting that keeps everyone motivated. Meet with a purpose. Make sure your meeting agendas are on point, and set the tone for an engaging and exciting meeting.