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Drive works better when it works with Slab. Slab's Google Drive integration brings your Drive right into your team wiki with unified search and embeddable content.

Looking for something in Drive? Find it in Slab with just a single click. Your entire Google Drive is searchable directly within Slab! You can even preview Drive results to see the content without needing to open them.


How to use

Within Slab, start a search and click the ⚙ icon on the right-hand side of the top bar to enable Google unified search. (Note: each user will need to set this up for themselves.)


Just paste in a link to anything in Drive — and we do mean anything — to get an instant, live embed. Better yet, you can edit your embedded Sheets, Slides, and Docs directly within Slab!


How to use

Within a Slab post, paste in a Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, or Forms link and watch the embed appear.

Learn More

For more details on setting up the integration, check out our Help Center article, or get in touch with our support team!


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