Slab & GitHub

Keep your engineering workflow close to your team knowledge. Sync markdown files, mention issues and import.

Sync markdown files from GitHub

Sync your markdown files from GitHub and display them as Posts in Slab.

This way, you can keep your READMEs and engineering docs across repositories alongside the rest of your team knowledge.

Synced Posts can be searched and organized just like a normal Post. When you try to edit, we'll kick you back to GitHub so you can retain version control on these critical docs.

Mention Issues and Pull Requests

Paste in a link to a GitHub Issue or Pull Request and we'll magically unfurl it, showing you the number, title and status.

Hovering over it will open more details like a summary and the assignee.

Import from GitHub Wiki

It's easy to migrate from GitHub Wiki to Slab.

Using Slab's import feature, you can import all your GitHub Wiki content in one click.

Getting Started
Some features of this integration require admin installation. See help article linked below.


Install GitHub

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