Slab & GitLab

Sync your engineering workflow with your team's wiki


Level up your engineering processes by bringing them alongside the rest of your team knowledge. With Slab's GitLab integration, you can access your critical technical docs directly within your wiki for easy access and minimal friction.


Engineers can store their docs directly alongside their code — all while keeping workflow tools like pull requests! Markdown files from GitLab will be stored as posts in Slab for easier searching and organization. When you want to edit, we'll send you back into GitLab to ensure version control.

How to use

Within Slab, admins can go to Admin Settings → Integrations → GitLab to enable the integration, choose GitLab repos to sync, and map the repos to a topic in Slab.


Stay on top of issues and pull requests with link unfurling. Hovering over the links will show more details, including the status, date created, assignee, and issue description!

How to use

After an admin installs the integration, paste a link to a GitLab issue or PR into a Slab post and watch the issue or PR unfurl.


Some features of this integration require admin installation.


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