Slab & Slack

Slash commands, notifications and search capabilities to keep your team communication streamlined.

Search and create posts without leaving Slack

Search with Slack commands

Use the /slab command to search for posts and share the result directly in the channel.

Need to start a new post? Use /slab create [name].

Stay in the know

You can send Slab notifications to Slack instead of — or in addition to — your email. Go to your profile settings > notifications and toggle Slack on. Our Slab bot will send you a direct message inside Slack.

Search across Slack from Slab

Important team knowledge often ends up in Slack.

This is why, in addition to other services, you can connect Slack as a search destination in Slab.

Sign in with Slack

You don't have to remember to add every new hire to Slab each time. Use Sign in With Slack to allow people on your team access.

Getting Started
Some features of this integration require admin installation. See help article linked below.


Install Slack