Sales Meeting Agenda Template

Whether it’s your first time running a sales meeting or your 100th, this time is yours to connect with and support your team.

Sales Meeting Agenda Template

Meeting details

  1. 30 minutes
  2. Meeting date and time: __
  3. Attendees: __

Brief the team

(5 minutes)

  1. Company updates that affect sales
  2. Follow up on questions from previous meetings

Team discussions their updates and obstacles

(10 minutes)

  1. 📥 Discuss major leads
  2. 📊 Break down current metrics
  3. 📃 Status report
  4. 🚧 Listen for potential hurdles

Amplify key wins

(5 minutes)

  1. Praise salespeople who appreciate public recognition for specific events
  2. Allow others to share appreciation

Invite ideas, questions, and collaboration

(5 minutes)

  1. Exchange thoughts and ideas
  2. Motivate and encourage your team

Decide on next steps

(5 minutes)

  1. Appoint individuals to follow up on important items from the meeting
  2. Set expectations for the next meeting