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Writing democratizes communication

Fadeke Adegbuyi

Senior Marketing Manager of Content

Doist, maker of the productivity app Todoist and communication app Twist, has operated with a distributed workforce for its entire 11-year existence. It was clear to the founders that success hinged on effective asynchronous work.

According to Fadeke Adegbuyi, Doist’s Senior Marketing Manager of Content, the company is completely reliant on asynchronous communication, launching Twist to allow teams to communicate and collaborate on their own schedules.

“Having a culture that prioritizes writing is a great way to allow everyone to contribute more.”

Writing has always been a huge part of Doist’s company culture, turning async communication into a competitive advantage. As Fadeke says, this form of communication levels the playing field and allows everyone to participate. “Not everyone is extroverted, and some work cultures rely on people raising their hand and speaking up in meetings,” she says. “Having a culture that prioritizes writing is a great way to allow everyone to contribute more.”

In a remote world, Doist has found effective ways to weave writing into the larger company culture. According to Fadeke, “As the world has embarked on a remote revolution, some companies are experiencing a loss of culture. There are no more happy hours, in-person team-building events, or serendipitous instances of running into someone on your way to a meeting.” Doist strengthened its culture of belonging through team-building exercises that everyone can participate in, like Twist threads where people can share highlights from their weekend. As Fadeke says, “Writing extends not just to how we work, but also how we play, and how we get to know one another.”