How Success is WrittenChapter 3Writing strengthens company values
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Writing strengthens company values

Anita Isalska

Content Lead

Superhuman aims to build the best email management experience in the world. The platform allows users to get into a flow state and minimize interruptions in their workday with its speed and intuitive design—and it’s growing rapidly.

Part of Superhuman’s mission is to empower people to be brilliant at what they do. The company’s writing culture aims to support this effort by making internal and external communication informative and fun.

“When it’s easy to access information, you’re empowering people to do the best job they can.”

One of Superhuman’s company values is to “be intentional.” Internally, that means fostering a hunger for knowledge through documenting processes. As Anita Isalska, Superhuman’s Content Lead, explains, “When it’s easy to access information, you’re empowering people to do the best job they can.”

Every employee makes it a priority to capture processes through writing, which are then kept in a centralized wiki that’s accessible to everyone. “It’s that level of detail that allows us to scale as a company,” says Anita. Taking the time to carefully craft best practices and make them widely available has given Superhuman a boost as it scales to support more users and build more features.

Documenting processes encourages self-reflection for the author. As Anita describes it, taking the time to write something for an audience forces the writer to take a step back and ask, “Is what I’m writing as good as it sounded in my own head? Can I make further refinements?” Writing through this filter allows the author to clarify any assumptions that may seem obvious to them, but unclear to readers.

Having well-documented processes means Superhuman can improve their productivity by not having to wait around for an answer or interrupt someone in order to get unblocked.