2023 Product Changelog

Running weekly updates of every small improvement and bugfix to Slab that miss the headlines.

Jason Chen

Jason Chen

Updated: Jan 2, 2024

December 30

December 23

  • Fix bug where links or mentions to heading would not scroll correctly
  • Improve warning and error handling for unsupported browsers
  • Fix mention navigation bugs within an iframe
  • Fix user mention not showing avatar within an iframe
  • Fix scrolling bug when using shortcuts within an embedded Google Sheet
  • Improve error handling and usability for embedded Slab posts by separating into more distinct categories, explanation, and options to correct

December 9

  • Fix navigation bugs in public posts
  • Fix bug where copied URL from post heading did not use the correct host
  • Add word and character count to post's "View insights" panel
  • Fix bug where updating pinned posts from Content Map would not save
  • Remove thanks button from posts by default
  • Minimize scrolling disruption from embedded Google Sheets loading
  • Fix bug where a template in a series would show the series icon instead of the template icon
  • Fix bug copying and pasting an embedded Slab post
  • Fix several markdown shortcut interactions within a code block
  • Remove editing actions from menu items in uneditable contexts, such as public posts

November 25

  • Limit verifications to not be exceptionally far in the future
  • Fix CMD+Arrow shortcuts in headers in Firefox
  • Fix IME not showing when at the beginning of lists in Safari
  • Add support for embedding YouTube shorts
  • Fix UI bug where option to delete reactions or annotations may be blocked by another comment above them
  • Improve look and feel for embedded Slab posts, Quip, Zendesk, and Google Docs
  • Fix bug where long team name may hide notification bell

November 18

  • Copying the embed code for a Slab post and pasting into another Slab post now correctly recognizes and embeds
  • Add several /command shortcuts for flowcharts and equations, including /flowchart, /mermaid, /equation, and /katex
  • Using a template or duplicating a post with annotations now also copies the new post
  • Inserting a blank embed or table now attributes the correct author
  • Using arrow keys now correctly hides the toolbar within code blocks
  • Triple-clicking inside a table now correctly highlights and shows the toolbar
  • Fix bug where images in docx file were not correctly imported
  • Fix bug where inviting a user did not correctly apply invitation configurations if user accepts invite with SSO
  • Improve reliability of uploading multiple images or file attachments

November 4

  • Fix bug where exported markdown would not include multiple nested inline formats in some cases
  • Mass importing zip files now supports nested zip files
  • Add support for additional Airtable URL format

October 28

  • Fix bug where toolbar may show edit actions in uneditable contexts, such as public posts
  • Stronger enforcement for API access
  • Support additional image filetypes in posts including WebP, BMP, HEIC, and more
  • Fix authentication bugs for Slab posts embedded on external websites

October 14

  • Add a navigation bar to quickly cycle through changes in the post history view
  • Add attribution to each change in the post history view
  • Improve real-time collaborator highlighting for all formats in posts

September 30

  • Add filter dropdown to search results page to more easily use search filters
  • Fix bug where updating topics may not update breadcrumbs used in indexed search results
  • Support additional clouds for Microsoft integration, including US Government L4 and L5 (DoD)
  • Improve performance when resyncing GitHub repos

September 16

  • Improved editor scrolling experience when embeds are used
  • Fix bug where admins cannot promote themselves to a topic owner when their membership is tied to a group
  • Fix bug where users cannot leave topics when they have no editing permissions
  • Fix print and PDF export code block overflow issue
  • Fix Table of Contents text overflow issue

September 2

  • Improved Asana mention to retain project info from the link
  • Improved full-screen image viewing experience
  • Improved template icon usage for better consistency

August 26

  • Improved reliability of GitHub and GitLab sync
  • Fix bug where template modal cannot be closed
  • Fix bug where the invitation modal incorrectly shows the invitee will not have access to certain posts

August 19

  • Improve support for larger import files
  • Fix bug where guests could publish a post without any topics

August 12

  • Add support for embedding new Dropbox links
  • Add support for embedding YouTube playlist links
  • Recategorize Team Settings for easier navigation
  • Improve Billing settings view for better usability and reliability
  • Improve Admin Insights styling
  • Fix header formatting's undo support
  • Fix bug where the annotation hover menu is hard to reach
  • Fix bug where converting a mention in a table cell into an embed ends up removing the mention
  • Fix bug where tall embeds may not be displayed correctly in the print version
  • Fix bug where IME cannot be used in tables or code blocks

August 5

  • Truncate long Slack messages in search results

July 29

  • Add animations for expanding and collapsing comments
  • Greatly improve history diff view of several content and formatting scenarios

July 22

  • Improve and consolidate several interactions between reactions, comments, and annotations
  • Add support for embedding Rows
  • Fix bug where last line of search result might show incorrect line formatting

July 15

  • Update mention UI to avoid shifting upon loading
  • Fix bug where some post histories would incorrectly show pricing gate for older revisions
  • Fix bug where new comment would sometimes not appear without refreshing

July 8

  • Redesigned post reactions for greater usability and aesthetics
  • Improve search results truncation to show more preview content when possible
  • Add hovercard preview for Guru search results
  • Greatly improve initial loading performance for all posts

July 1

  • Add easier option to transfer post ownership to Slab Bot when deactivating another user
  • Several improvements to look and feel of admin insights page

June 24

  • Add date facets in search to filter by published, edit, verification, and archive date
  • Inserting three blank lines in a code block no longer exits the code block. Previously this was one of few ways to exit the block if at the end of the post, but we've since added support for just clicking below the code block
  • Fix bug where notification bell counter would show even if there were no unread notifications
  • Fix bug where dropdowns showing posts would show a verified badge even if that verification has expired

June 17

  • Fix triple-clicking not working in code blocks
  • Markdown shortcuts are disabled in code blocks
  • Fix bug where Mermaid would sometimes render with a lot of extra whitespace

June 10

  • Offsite!

June 3

  • Post details sidebar now shows publish date if published instead of always showing creation date
  • Post backlinks in post details sidebar will show archived posts and deactivated users last
  • Fix bug where archived or verified post filters did not match their count label
  • Remove private and secret topics as options in the admin insights filter since the functionality was never allowed

May 27

  • Fix bug where post hovercard arrow is incorrectly positioned
  • Creating a secret or private subtopic will no longer automatically add parent topic members as members to the new subtopic
  • Fix notification bell counter sometimes showing incorrect count
  • Duplicating post will also copy the post cover image
  • Fix bug where importing post with many large images would time out
  • Comment visibility rules are updated so that comments of users who cannot edit a post are only visible to editors and that user. Editors' comments' are still visible to everyone. This should greatly reduce clutter due to comments for important posts.

May 20

  • Improve sharing dropdown by splitting into sections of users, groups, and invites
  • Fix bug where clearing the provision in an invitation would reset the role
  • Fix bug where the total count of posts in a topic was incorrectly summed
  • Exported markdown now supports image captions
  • Fix bug where importing markdown with code blocks inserted extra lines after code blocks
  • Greatly improve text matching used in jump to search and mention autocomplete

May 13

  • Improve initial loading of posts with many embeds and/or mentions

May 6

  • Exported markdown is no longer HTML-escaped
  • Improve detecting and importing Mermaid and Katex code blocks
  • Add group creation request for regular users
  • Add admin setting to allow regular users to create groups without requesting
  • Fix bug where very large posts were not searchable, posts of any size are now indexed

April 29

  • My Topics now also includes a topic creation shortcut that is present in All Topics
  • Exact match search queries will work even if match is now at the end of a large post
  • Improve UI/UX of topic breadcrumbs for public posts for logged out users

April 22

  • Improve usability of lists of posts within topics
  • Several Google Calendar settings are now preserved when embedding into Slab including colors, navigation, and title
  • Admin actions are now accompanied by a visual label, ex making yourself the owner of a topic
  • Using admin privileges to join a topic or group will now join as an owner instead of regular member by default
  • History diffs will no longer show fragmentation when text if overwritten by a paste

April 15

  • Fix bug where some guests could not accept invitation if SSO was required for regular users
  • Clicking below a table or embed when it is at the end of a post will now insert a newline after

April 8

  • Fix bug where links to comment threads would not scroll to comment position
  • Improve post editing performance of large posts
  • Improve post preview loading performance
  • Automatically trim leading and trailing whitespace in names and titles

March 25

  • Add unread count to notification bell icon
  • Improve table performance when modifying many rows/columns of large tables

March 18

  • Improve copy/paste performance of large tables
  • Support double-clicking on Mermaid charts to full-screen
  • History view of Mermaid and KaTeX will show code instead of rendering
  • Fix bug where exiting code block prompt will show in read mode
  • Fix bug where topic to organize under will not show in edit modal

March 11

  • Improve loading performance of very large tables
  • Fix bug that prevented uploading files 100MB+ attachments
  • Improve loading performance of many common views
  • Fix markdown import but when ## is present as a regular character on a heading line

March 4

  • Revision histories for mermaid and math will now show underlying code instead of preview
  • Add "Back home" to settings page to make it easier to exit
  • Fix add comment keyboard shortcut not focusing comment textbox in a table
  • Fix bug where comment underline does not show in a table when creating a new comment
  • Editor no longer shifts when scrollbar gutter being added or removed
  • Improve typing performance on large posts, especially when Grammarly is enabled
  • Fix bug where mention to same post with heading does not scroll when clicked
  • Update search copy to emphasize jump to functionality
  • Fix bug where pasting into search bar would overwrite existing text
  • Add post status bar (which shows archive, draft, and other states) to post hovercards

February 25

  • Fix bug where comment or annotation would appear in the wrong vertical position when formatting existed in the corresponding text
  • Fix bug where admins on the free plan on teams with guests might see inaccurate upgrade seat count estimations
  • Fix multiple bugs related to table of contents showing inaccurate active headings

February 18

  • Add and improve active and hover states and animations across post editor
  • Fix bug where custom upload limits would not be permitted

February 11

  • Separate navigation sections in search dropdown for better usability
  • Search result within tables, code, and image captions are now both formatted and highlighted in search results
  • Posts can now be shared directly with groups

February 4

  • Fix bug where selected posts cannot be moved when reorganizing in Content Map
  • Improve search results truncation to always show highlighted text and maximizing amount of preview shown
  • Fix bug where long search query would overlap info icon
  • Fix bug where multiline search query would only show first line

January 28

  • Fix bug where the desktop application would prompt unnecessarily for login
  • Fix text alignment bug on post verification notification emails
  • Fix bug where Todist could not be integrated or mentioned for existing integrations
  • Improve user experience when deciding to scroll to an image not fully in view
  • Add and improve animation when showing toolbars and modals
  • Improve user experience around active annotations and comments and corresponding text

January 21

  • Miro embeds include more minimal UI controls within posts
  • Fix bug where comment text may render overlapping each other in Safari
  • Updating password now forces logout in all active sessions
  • Fix bug where upgrading a guest to a standard user was not allowed when at exactly 10 users on the free plan
  • Editing groups' name, banner, and description are also in-place rather than in a modal, similar to topics
  • Fix bug where editor for GitHub synced post may be incorrectly attributed in notifications

January 14

  • Add additional post icons to distinguish its draft, archived, and series states and remove badge
  • Refresh and consolidate several icons throughout the product
  • Fix bug syncing Okta group membership would remove ownership status when already an owner on a Slab group
  • Remove markdown shortcuts from comments for formats not allowed in comments

January 7

  • Editing topics' name, banner, and description are in-place rather than in a modal
  • Fix highlighting Asana search results when international characters are included
  • Improve mention picker's results ranking
  • Add and improve animations for hover and active states in sidebar
  • Add admin setting to forbid non-admins from adding top level topics
  • Move embedding errors into embed frame instead of transient toast
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