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An intuitive editor. Blazing fast search capabilities. Dozens of integrations. Slab is the one place for your team's shared knowledge.
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Find what you're looking for.

Organize your wiki to fit your workflow
Slab organizes content by hierarchical topics you can easily structure and everyone can view. You can also apply many topics to one post (like labels). Choose the combination that best fits your information architecture.
More than just a list of files
Slab Topics show the necessary context behind the content. See what's important to read, in what order, and who to ask for more info if you get stuck.

Slab's topic organization and hierarchy is great. We evaluated several potential wikis and Slab really has the best answer for discoverability, robustness and complexity.

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Keep your knowledge base relevant and useful.

Admin insights
See actionable insights into which posts have been most helpful to your team and which are getting stale. Learn the questions your team is asking that go unanswered. Use this data to keep your knowledge from growing stale.
Get feedback on your posts
Teammates can get and give feedback on content, including commenting throughout the post, thanking authors for their contribution, and using emoji reactions to express support or confusion. This real-time feedback helps authors know which parts of their content are helpful or potentially confusing.
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Stay synced with your team.

Good-looking content, without trying
Fast and intuitive content creation that looks good by default. Focus on growing your team's core competencies, not fighting over font sizes.
Real-time collaboration
Slab's collaborative editor ensures everyone is working from the latest version—and no one will overwrite anyone else's work. You can even edit the same post with teammates at the same time.
Richer than text
Capture more than just text on a page. Add rich media, interactive widgets, and third-party embeds that make each post easier to understand.

We’ve been struggling with the searchability of Confluence, and the layout of Drive. Confluence has the wiki format we’re looking for, and drive has the searchability. Slab has both!

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Integrate with your favorite tools.

Live markdown file sync lets you keep your code review on Github and see the content on Slab. Preview GitHub Issues in-line within Slab.
Start an idea in Slack, flesh out the details in Slab, and publish right into Slack when you're ready to share with the whole team.
G Suite
Use Google Single Sign-On to simplify account permissions and manage your team roster. Add Google Drive sync to search and embed Docs, Sheets, and Slides inside Slab.
Slab integrates with dozens of applications so you can continue to use your existing workflows.
Google DriveSlackDropbox Paper
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Get answers immediately, no matter where shared knowledge is stored.

Blazing fast search
Get answers faster with Slab's search, optimized for speed. Results appear before you finish your thought as you type.
Unified search across integrations
To access all your content in one place, integrate your other tools and add them to Slab's search index.
Relevance and importance
Slab tracks reads, views, links, and mentions to show you results that are based on relevance and importance — so you get the most definitive answers to your questions.

We consolidated 3 different documentation sources into Slab within a matter of a few hours, and haven't looked back! It is incredibly fast and integrates well with Google docs.

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Set your team up for success.

Use Favorites to add shortcuts to common posts and topics. Easily access them right from the sidebar and homepage to retrieve your most useful work faster.
With Slab Provisions, admins can improve onboarding through custom user templates that show the right content to the right people. Salespeople, for instance, can have their sales playbook front and center when they sign into Slab, while engineers see their production deployment guide.

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