Analyze and learn from technical incidents

Postmortems by Slab

Most teams are on top of conception, planning, and execution. But more often than not, they overlook the postmortem phase. Whether you’re an engineer, team lead, or product owner, it’s essential to understand how to report an incident effectively. One of the most critical elements is looking back on your experience, quantifying your success, understanding the triggers and impact, and outlining your future adjustments. Slab features templates from industry giants that allow you to look back and plan ahead. Use these templates as tools to collect consistent details during every review. From the incident summary to the lead-up, fault, impact, detection, response, and recovery, it’ll help you cover all your bases. Learning from errors or incidents is one of the most important ways to improve project delivery in the future. Document your findings every step of the way with these templates, and you’ll prevent making the same mistake twice.