Request for Comments (RFCs)

A productive framework to document, share, and discuss changes

Request for Comments (RFCs) by Slab

Request for comments, otherwise known as RFC, is a formal written request for feedback. It’s a fundamental component to creating a culture of asking for and welcoming feedback on your work. It’s also one of the best ways to formally discuss a proposed change, generating the necessary process to “sound out” your thinking. It’s a space to encourage ideas, challenge, and debate in a structured and productive setting. Slab has some of the best RFC samples to help you come up with a clear and simple process that allows people within your organization to share their ideas, receive feedback on them, and define how the decision-making process works. RFCs make the difference, making sure everyone in the team is aligned ー that way, your team is able to provide the best output possible. Using these templates, you can learn how to create a detailed RFC document, and figure out what needs to be included in it.